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I'm your Smoke you are my Fire

Smoke and Fire is Passion

Fire and Smoke is passion...
Grand Line
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Smoker x Ace is Burning and Smoking LOVE

This is a One Piece Yaoi community dedicated to Smoker x Ace paring.
It's Completly dedicated to SA paring and we don't accept other parings in here, if you want something more, you have to go One Piece Yaoi.


1) You can post fanfic, fanart, wallpaper, icons, avatars ect. but strictly it has to be on Smoker and Ace.
2) When you are posting fanfic, fanart or wallpaper there is required the lj-cut, for icons and avatars, you put the sample and then if there are lots of your creations the others you have to put under the lj-cut.
3) No character bashing and paring bashing... if you don't like the couple, why the hell do you wanna subscribe?
4) No Spaming - if it's not about Smoker and Ace.
5) nc17 are allowed but strictly under lj-cut
6) use the TAGs - exp: when you post fanfiction, put in the tag fanfiction, when you use nothing at all use general, when you post a fanart put in the tag fanart

Please be respective, and have fun... if you nees something, you don't understand something... feel free to contatc me on: sayaka @ silverblood dot net

SmoAce Fanlisting
Smoker Fanlisting
Ace Fanlisting
Blurry - the SmoAce Tribute
Ace Tribute
groucho 03


Ace x Smoker is crazy explosion love!

Smoker is love.